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Original Art Speed Bottle Opener

Powder Coated with my piece, "610 at 4 am", these professional stainless steel speed bottle opener has the length and design to open bottles with speed and ease. A unique opener that shows off your style. Great as a gift for aspiring bartenders or for friends that like a good drink (or two)!

  • Dimensions: 1.5"w x 7"l x .125"h.
  • All over printing with protective coating.
  • Spinner ring included.
  • Stainless steel construction for extra durability.
  • Arrives in a resealable clear pouch.

About the artwork: "610 at 4am" is an acrylic painting inspired by one of my late night drives home from work. When I was usually driving home as a bartender, the rest of the town was just waking up and driving to grab their coffee on their way to work in DC. This painting captures the colorful glow of my view while waiting at the stoplight just around the corner from my destination.